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Halloween Pajama Party at China Bay

October 31st,  2009


The Crimson Crones were joined by Queen Suzy of the Metro Matriarchs and her Vice Queen Linda Hurly and Queen Betty of the ChrysantheMums and six of her ladies.  We played games, had contests, had a money raffle, and even shared embarrassing stories.  

We voted on the funniest and loveliest costumes.  Four gals brought decorated mini pumpkins, and the winning pumpkin by Evy Cook is the last picture below.

Marilyn Harris brought her famous ghost tree.  If you look really hard at the picture next to the cake, you may notice the ghosts are made out of tampons.  And did you notice that the last pumpkin on the cake is wearing a red hat?

Instead of playing "Where's Waldo?", we shall challenge you to find "Where's Anita's feet?"  Her toes were beautifully decorated just for us.

There were door prizes galore, and nobody went home without one.  A good time was had by all.

Photos by Queen Betty Simonsen

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