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Brain Fitness 2010

April 17th,  2010


What a wonderful and unique experience we shared.  We started off with a brown bag lunch in Queen Jill's clubhouse.  Two new members were introduced, Kathie Steele and Mary McGar, and they told us a little about themselves.  We then went around the room telling the new members about ourselves.  

Then Certified Brain Fitness Expert, Susan Carres, arrived and talked to us about the brain and the most effective ways to use and exercise our brains to keep them sharp and how to keep growing new brain cells (neurons).  We did some brain exercises, games, played a few instruments, and then did a little dancing.

Neuroscientists know so much more about the brain now.  We can keep growing new brain cells until the day we take our last breath.  In January of this year, Queen Jill started taking Brain Fitness classes with Susan at Elsie Stuhr Senior CenterQueen Jill's brain has gotten sharper and her memory much better.  When the spring term started at the end of March, Vice Queen Linda Brown joined Queen Jill in taking classes with Susan.  We are already looking forward to the summer class.  

Girl Power and Brain Power -- What a great combination!

A big THANK YOU to Susan for sharing her brain knowledge and expertise!


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