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Cadillac Cafe

July 16,  2010


Hosted by Anita Wold and Lana Barr-Sanders.

This was an extra event on a Friday and seating was limited to 25 people.  Only five Crimson Crones were able to attend, so we had the good fortune of having ladies attend from other chapters.  There was Queen Alfreedia and many of her gals from Boudaciously RougeQueen Annie Cook from the Elegant Dames, and Queen Betty Simonsen from the Chrysanthemums and one of her gals, Betty Wood.  The Crimson Crones were Jean Bryant, Jean Mounsey, Queen Jill, and, of course, our two hostesses.

A lovely brunch was planned in a beautiful glassed-in private room, and our main server, Dan, donned a beautiful red and white hat.  The service and the food was fabulous.

Anita and Lana brought tons of fabulous door prizes and everyone received a lovely gift.  This was such a fun event, and a great time was had by all.

(Photos by Queen Jill Davis.)

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