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Halloween Luncheon

Hosted by Marilyn Harris

October 16,  2010


Marilyn outdid herself in planning a fabulous witch-themed party, and almost everyone dressed up in costume.  Prizes went to Jean Bryant as the ugliest witch, and to Evy Cook as the most unique witch.  (See photos in Row 2 below.)

Also, Linda Brown won a prize for coming closest to guessing how many jelly beans were in a jar.  (See photos in Row 3 below.)  Her prizes were candles that looked like vegetables.  Everyone received either a door prize or a table decoration.  Lise Thom brought Halloween candy for everyone.

Marilyn made witch's hats out of cookies and candy kisses and put one at each place setting.  Very clever!  Marilyn read a scary story to us, and we were to figure out "Who done it."  It was lots of fun.  The food was terrific and our server, Paul, and his assistants were extremely attentive, professional and friendly.

A special Thank You to Debra Dunlap for assisting Marilyn at this fun event.

(Photos by Queen Jill)

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