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Old Spagetti Factory Restaurant

July 17,  2010


Hosted by Ida Partlow and Joan Sequito.

It had been many years for many of us to have eaten at this magnificent restaurant along the Willamette River.  The architecture is beautiful, a wonderful view, and the service and food were fabulous.  We enjoyed the company of our newest Crimson Crone, Helene Eno, who now holds the honor of being our oldest member at 95 years young. (See second row, first  photo, seated at left.)

Our hostesses brought gifts for everyone, beautiful mugs (some with spoons) which were cleverly placed in old fashioned red and white stripped pop corn bags.  Ida graced us with a couple of songs that she sang in camp (a long, long, time ago), and some of us remembered one or two from our own childhood camp experiences.  We all joined in with the last song, and it was so much fun to feel like a kid again, even for a few minutes.

(Photos by Queen Jill Davis.)

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