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Faery Hair Sparkles

Hosted by Queen Jill and Marilyn Harris

at Marilynís fabulous clubhouse.

January 23,  2016


We celebrated the start of our 16th year of the Crimson Crones. What fun we had enjoying delicious soups and desserts by Queen Jill and wonderful home baked bread by Marilyn HarrisClara brought Canadian Poker and we played for hours.  It is such a great game.

SeraFaery joined us for lunch, and then spent the rest of the afternoon applying faery sparkle hair to each of us. She tied one strand of real hair to one strand of sparkle hair (every color in the rainbow was available) and then knotted them together. The sparkled hair stays in as long as the natural hair it is tied to stays in. It is fun, it is subtle, and some of us canít wait to add more in the near future.

Before she left, Serafaery did a creative dance for us to the music of Michael Jacksonís Thriller.  She was amazing!


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(Photos by Queen Jill.)

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