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Christmas Luncheon
at the Old Spagetti Factory

Hosted by Queen Jill

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Because of the snow and ice on the roads, many of the gals couldn’t attend. They were very much missed. Queen Jill’s husband, Rod, picked up four of the ladies who lived close by so they wouldn’t have to drive.  He is definitely a King.

Some of the fun things we did was a gift exchange, a Christmas trivia contest with 6 prizes, and Marilyn won the money raffle.  

And for the fourth consecutive year, Scott Bowman was there to massage our necks, shoulders and backs.  

It was Karen Penrosa’s first massage, and she was in heaven. So was everyone else when it came to their turn.  He massaged people for a long time, and when the party was over, two gals missed out.  But I have hired him again for our January meeting at Marilyn’s clubhouse, and those two gals will go first.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

(Photos by QueenJill)

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